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Types of Catering Services: Overview | Catering Zone

When most people think about catering, they usually think of one of two things: on-premises or off-premises catering. On-premises catering is when the caterer sets up a temporary kitchen at the event location, while off-premises catering is when the caterer brings all of their supplies from their own kitchen to the event.

Cheap Lunch Catering Ideas on a Budget

It is not always easy to put up a lunch catering order that is both inexpensive and delicious and will delight everyone in the company. Of course, you want to ensure that your staff is well-fed and content, but at the same time, you don't want to spend your whole budget on a single lunch.

The Best Continental Breakfast Ideas for Corporate Catering

If you're interested in continental breakfast catering ideas for your next business event, you've come to the right place. Today, continental breakfast may include much more than coffee and bread. There are many options for meal planning, but the most critical factor in selecting products that will not expire quickly. Most continental breakfasts are served early in the morning and designed to be consumed while seated.

Best Catering for Small Group: Cater Your Next Celebration

When one thinks about catering, an event with hundreds or perhaps thousands of guests often comes to mind. However, catering services have grown more proficient at catering to smaller gatherings. Several caterers now specialize in events with ten guests or less. One of the advantages of hiring a catering service for your small gathering is the ability to tailor the menu.

A Successful Melbourne Cup Office Party: How to Host It

One of the most eagerly awaited events on the Australian calendar is the Melbourne Cup is a chance to foster teamwork and offer your team a break from routine tasks. We can help you if you want a great Melbourne Cup office party!

Christmas Catering: Plan the Perfect Christmas Food Platters

What better way to celebrate than with delicious food over the Christmas season? It might be challenging to prepare food for everyone when we host gatherings of friends and family during the holiday season.

Delicious Boxed Lunch Catering Ideas for Your Next Event: An Overview!

Boxed lunch catering is a wonderful way to present your guests with a range of meal selections without having to bother cooking and serving the food yourself. All you have to do with boxed lunch catering is pick the menu, and the caterer will handle the rest.

Catering Ideas for Large Groups: Delicious Food Items with Catering Zone!

When organizing a gathering for a large number of people, food is often one of the most crucial factors to consider. Make sure there's enough food for everyone, and that it tastes good! For that purpose, there is Catering Zone.

Catering Breakfast Ideas for Successful Corporate Meetings!

When it comes to professional engagements, breakfast truly is the most significant meal of the day. If you want your business event to be a success, you need to make certain that your visitors are well-fed and have plenty of energy to last the entire event.

Gluten Free Catering Ideas: Simple and Delicious Recipes!

People are becoming more aware of the health benefits of being gluten-free, which has led to a rise in the popularity of gluten-free diets.

Summer Party Catering Ideas with Catering Zone, Australia!

When the warm weather arrives, there's no better way to celebrate than with a barbecue in the garden, complete with cold beers and tasty snacks.

Delicious Vegetarian Catering Ideas with Catering Zone!

Due to the surge in food allergies and unique dietary needs, vegetarian and vegan catering is becoming more and more popular.