Brazilian Handcrafted Choc Balls 63-min
Brazilian Handcrafted Choclate Balls-min
Brazillian Handcrafted Choc balls 18-min

Brazilian Handcrafted Chocolate Balls


Brazilian Handcrafted Chocolate Balls

Tired From the Average Sweet Treat, Take a Plunge to the Heavens with this Handmade Brazilian Chocolate Balls. 

Comes in 3 Sizes

Small Size will Include 2 Flavours and 18 22gm Chocolate Balls.

Medium Size Will Include 3 Flavours and 35 22gm Chocolate Balls

Large Size Will Include 4 Flavours and 63 22gm Chocolate Balls.


Flavours May Include:

  • Belgian Chocolate Balls
  • Coconut Crumble Balls
  • Milk Powder & Nutella
  • Dulce De Leche (Churros)

Our Recommendation:

  • These Chocolate Balls are Great For Morning & Afternoon Tea
  • We Recommend 2 Balls Per Person
  • Order Before 3pm For Next Day Delivery