Chia & Mango Pudding
Individual Yoghurt & Garnola

Individual Healthy Cups 8oz (Each)


Individual Healthy Cups 8oz (Each)

Get Your Morning Sorted With Our Individual Healthy Cups. Crunchy Garnola And Healthy Chia Bowl Pot.

Option to Choose From:

  • Evia Sweet Plain Yogurt with Crunchy House Made Garnola
  • Black Chia bowls with Toasted Coconut, Mango and Almond milk (VG/GF/NF)

Our Recommendation 

  • We recommend 1 per person. Comes into the Disposable 8oz Cups, Wodden Spoon and Napkin
  • Minimum Order Quantity for For Each Healthy Pot is 6. 
  • For Next Day Delivery Please Order By 3pm
  • If You Need Any Help in Choosing the Quantity or Dietary Requirement Please Call or Email Us.