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Best Catering Services in Newtown

For top-notch catering in Newtown, Sydney, you'll find the best companion in Catering Zone! From corporate events to private parties, our extensive selection of menus is sure to satisfy every requirement and taste. We have an exclusive team of experienced chefs and culinary experts dedicated to creating mouth-watering dishes using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. We're committed to providing outstanding food and service while maintaining competitive prices so you can have a stress-free dining experience with your guests. Let’s make your next occasion in Newtown a success with Catering Zone! Contact us today for a personal consultation - we guarantee that you'll love what we cook up together!


Types of Catering Services Offered in Newtown

Sydney's best catering offers come with Catering Zone - a wide range of catering services guaranteed to suit every event! Whether you're looking for the perfect breakfast spread or a sumptuous lunch menu for your office meeting or simply want to make any social gathering more special with delicious finger food and savoury pastries - we've got it all!

Corporate Catering: Make your clients go 'wow!' with our delectable platters delivered straight to the boardroom table! You will find an array of options with us - from classic gourmet sandwiches and wraps to seasonal salads that would entice everyone's taste buds.

Breakfast and Lunch Catering: We have got fresh breakfast spreads that are sure to energise everyone's day! Our lunch menus, on the other hand, consist of mouth watering bagels, wraps and flavour-packed salads that you will cherish any day!

Christmas Catering: This festive season, let us take care of everything! Beautiful hot/cold dishes paired up at affordable budget prices will save you time in your cooking duties.

Custom Event Menus: Looking for something unique and fun? We prepare customised seasonal menus tailored especially according to trendy themes - highlighting rustic decor styles bursting with colourful bites, whatever you desire!  

Benefits of Hiring Best Catering Newtown For Any Events

Your precious Newtown events can get a touch of magic with professional service from Catering Zone! We take pride in providing extensive food options, exceptional service, and event planning assistance - all tailored specifically to meet individual customer needs. Here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy when choosing us for your next occasion:

Ease: We provide quality ingredients with flawless cooking techniques! That too, after grocery shopping or meal preparation hassles are taken care of - saving both time and money!

Professionalism: Serving fine food made from fresh ingredients with creative methods is at our core. Alongside amazing dishes made to order, we provide wait staff who possess excellent hospitality skills.

Varied Menu Options: At Catering Zone, there's no shortage of offers, as we cater not just for carnivores but vegetarians too! We create vegan meals as well as free of gluten adaptations, ensuring everyone has the style and substance they equally deserve!

Event Planning Assistance: Rely upon our experienced event planners alongside the catering assistants! These dedicated souls offer extended services throughout the entire customary timeline- ensuring unforgettable moments without any stress!

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Why Choose Catering Zone?

Do you want to make your event a huge success with tasty and healthy food? Catering Zone will fetch you what you desire! Here are some reasons why we stand out among all the catering services in Newtown:

Affordable Pricing: We understand that every client has different budgets and needs. So we always strive to provide competitive pricing without compromising taste or quality.

Exceptional Food Quality: Our commitment is not just about outstanding flavours but also nutrition. To ensure that your menu selections shine, our chefs use only fresh ingredients sourced from local markets without any artificial preservatives for your delicate cuisines!

Flexible Event Planning Services: From initial consultation through post-event follow-up, our certified event planners are dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. With us handling several types of events throughout NSW for years now – corporate lunches & dinners or personal occasions – everything can be tailored according to your preference!

Excellent Service: At Catering Zone, customer satisfaction comes first! This is the main reason people keep coming back time after time since they know how much emphasis we lay on providing excellent service exactly as per their requirements!


Make your upcoming event in Newtown, Sydney, a hit with our expert team from Catering Zone! We are committed to providing delicious food and top-notch service at competitive prices. With individual dietary requirements in mind, besides ensuring taste quality, we are confident that we will meet any requirement or expectation you may have. Our key feature is to provide you with comfort during an event, as the best catering would promise!

Take pride in choosing us, as we take pride in catering foods! Call now for a consultation, or start with us right away for your dream event catering!