Assorted CZ’s Wraps

Assorted CZ’s Wraps (Each)


Catering zone Gourmet Wraps  $9.90-Each

*Selection of Gourmet  wraps stuffed with fresh and fine fillings to impress the fussiest eaters.
(we include 20% vegetarian)

Filling May Include-:

  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato
  • Portugese Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese
  • Pulled Pork with Crunch Coleslaw
  • Egg, Lettuce & Mayo Wrap
  • Poached Lemon Chicken Wrap
  • Pulled Beef lettuce & Slaw Wrap
  • Chicken Schnitzel, Lettuce Tomato & Cheese Wrap
  • Veg Pattie Lettuce, Tomato Wrap
  • Falafal Wrap with Lettue carrot and Cucumber 

Our Recommendation 

  • We recommend 1½ Gourmet Wrap per person.
  • Comes into the Disposable Boxes. 
  • Minimum Order Quantity for CZ's Wraps is 6.
  • For Next Day Delivery Please Order By 3pm 
  • If You Need Cutlery, Napkins, Cups or Tongs Please Order Separately 
  • If You Need Any Help in Choosing the Quantity or Dietary Requirement Please Call or Email Us.